Smart Device Protocol

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The smart device protocol is used for communication between the LTAR and a smart device using the TRRS cable built into the LTAR. More information is available in this forum thread.

A Windows program for connecting to the LTAR through a sound card and experimenting with the smart device protocol is available on GitHub.

List of Block Types

BType Name Description Sent By
Tagger to Device (0x00-0x7F)
Event Report Blocks (0x00-0x1F)
0x01 PRIORITY-UPDATE Priority Update Tagger
0x02 TAGGER-STATUS Tagger Status Tagger
0x04 PROXIMITY-DETECT Proximity Detect Tagger
0x05 LOCKED-ON Locked On Tagger
0x06 TOOK-HIT Took Hit Tagger
0x07 TOOK-ATTACK Took Attack Tagger
0x08 SAW-KEYS Saw Keys Tagger
0x09 SAW-DOMESIG Saw Dome Signature Tagger
0x0A SAW-BARRELSIG Saw Barrel Signature Tagger
0x0B SAW-DOMEPACKET Saw Dome Packet Tagger
0x0C SAW-BARRELPACKET Saw Barrel Packet Tagger
0x0D SENT-DOMESIG Sent Dome Signature Tagger
0x0E SENT-BARRELSIG Sent Barrel Signature Tagger
0x0F SENT-DOMEPACKET Sent Dome Packet Tagger
0x10 SENT-BARRELPACKET Sent Barrel Packet Tagger
0x11 PLAYING-SOUND Playing Sound Tagger
0x18 COUNT-DOWN Countdown Tagger
0x19 MODE-CHANGED Mode Changed Tagger
Data Report Blocks (0x20-0x3F)
0x20 VARIABLE-CONTENTS Variable Contents Tagger
0x21 USER-CONTENTS User Contents Tagger
0x22 GAME-CONTENTS Game Contents Tagger
0x23 SECONDARY-CONTENTS Secondary Contents Tagger
0x24 SPECIAL-CONTENTS Special Contents Tagger
0x30 DEBRIEF-DATA Debrief Data Tagger
0x31 GROUP1-DATA Group 1 Data Tagger
0x32 GROUP2-DATA Group 2 Data Tagger
0x33 GROUP3-DATA Group 3 Data Tagger
0x3A ERRORS-CONTENTS Errors Contents Tagger
0x3B VOLUME-CONTENTS Volume Contents Tagger
0x3C DATARATE-CONTENTS Data Rate Contents Tagger
0x3D CODE-VERSION Code Version Tagger
0x3E TEST-RESULTS Test Results Tagger
0x3F LOCATION-CONTENTS Location Contents Tagger
Mode Report Blocks (0x40-0x4F)
0x40 GAME-MODE Game Mode Tagger
0x41 AUTO-PROCESSES Auto Processes Tagger
0x42 AUTO-REPORTS Auto Reports Tagger
0x43 WEAPON-MODE Weapon Mode Tagger
0x4E ECHO-REPLY Echo Reply Tagger
0x4F CHALLENGE-CODE Challenge Code Tagger
Command Reply Blocks (0x50-0x5F)
0x50 COMMAND-RESULT Command Result Tagger
Device to Tagger (0x80-0xFF)
Event Command Blocks (0x80-0x9F)
0x86 TAKE-HIT Take Hit Device
0x87 TAKE-ATTACK Take Attack Device
0x88 INJECT-KEYS Inject Keys Device
0x89 INJECT-DOMESIG Inject Dome Signature Device
0x8A INJECT-BARRELSIG Inject Barrel Signature Device
0x8B INJECT-DOMEPACKET Inject Dome Packet Device
0x8C INJECT-BARRELPACKET Inject Barrel Packet Device
0x8D SEND-DOMESIG Send Dome Signature Device
0x8E SEND-BARRELSIG Send Barrel Signature Device
0x8F SEND-DOMEPACKET Send Dome Packet Device
0x90 SEND-BARRELPACKET Send Barrel Packet Device
0x91 PLAY-SOUND Play Sound Device
0x92 FLASH-DOME Flash Dome Device
0x93 FLASH-FIRE Flash Fire Device
0x94 RAISE-SHIELD Raise Shield Device
0x95 LOWER-SHIELD Lower Shield Device
0x96 LOAD-AMMO Load Ammo Device
0x97 FIRE-TAG Fire Tag Device
0x98 NEUTRALIZE-PLAYER Neutralize Player Device
0x99 UNNEUTRALIZE-PLAYER Unneutralize Player Device
0x9E DOME-DEBRIEF Dome Debrief Device
0x9F BARREL-DEBRIEF Barrel Debrief Device
Data Inquiry Blocks (0xA0-0xBF)
0xA0 READ-VARIABLE Read Variable Device
0xA1 READ-USER Read User Device
0xA2 READ-GAME Read Game Device
0xA3 READ-SECONDARY Read Secondary Device
0xA4 READ-SPECIAL Read Special Device
0xB0 REPORT-DEBRIEF Report Debrief Block Device
0xBA READ-ERRORS Read Errors Device
0xBB READ-VOLUME Read Volume Device
0xBC READ-DATARATE Read Data Rate Device
0xBD READ-VERSION Read Version Device
0xBE SELF-TEST Self Test Device
0xBF READ-LOCATION Read Location Device
Data Modification Blocks (0xC0-0xDF)
0xC0 WRITE-VARIABLE Write Variable Device
0xC1 WRITE-USER Write User Device
0xC2 WRITE-GAME Write Game Device
0xC3 WRITE-SECONDARY Write Secondary Device
0xC4 WRITE-SPECIAL Write Special Device
0xC5 ADJUST-VARIABLE Adjust Variable Device
0xC8 ENABLE-WRITE Enable Write Device
0xDA CLEAR-ERRORS Clear Errors Device
0xDB WRITE-VOLUME Write Volume Device
0xDC WRITE-DATARATE Write Data Rate Device
0xDF WRITE-LOCATION Write Location Device
Mode Change Blocks (0x00-0x1F)
0xE0 CHANGE-MODE Change Mode Device
0xE1 ENABLE-PROCESSES Enable Processes Device
0xE2 ENABLE-REPORTS Enable Reports Device
0xE3 SELECT-WEAPON Select Weapon Device
0xEE ECHO-REQUEST Echo Request Device
0xEF CHALLENGE-RESPONSE Challenge Response Device
Mode Inquiry Blocks (0x00-0x1F)
0xF0 READ-MODE Read Mode Device
0xF1 READ-PROCESSES Read Processes Device
0xF2 READ-REPORTS Read Reports Device
0xF3 READ-WEAPON Read Weapon Device