Write Location Block

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Smart Device Protocol Block
BType 0xDF
BData Count 4–11
Sent By Device

The Write Location block must first be enabled by sending the Enable Write block with the correct values before each use.

If the write is successful, the tagger will respond with a Location Contents block containing the new value(s) of the affected memory. If an error occurs, the tagger will respond with a Command Result block indicating an invalid block type no matter what the actual reason for the error.

Locations 0xD0—0xFF of bank 2 are reserved for undocumented firmware patching features and are not accessible using the Read Location or Write Location blocks.

  • BData0—Number of bytes to write (0-8)
  • BData1—Memory bank (0 or 2)
  • BData2—Memory location
    • Bank 0—0x00—0xFF
    • Bank 2—0x00—0xCF
  • BData3—Value
  • [...]