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Release Date August 1st, 2012
Firing Semi-Automatic/Full-Automatic
Magazine Size 10/15 Rounds
Shield Toggle/Hold (if set by host)
Reload Single-Step Manual/Automatic (if set by host)
Sights Top
Scope Optional Smart Device
Force Feedback No
Dome Lights Yes
Mute No
Indoor Mode Reduces Emitter Power
IFF/Proximity/Hit Confirmation Yes
Mega-Tags Yes (in hosted games only)
Medic Mode No
Can Host No
LTAG 10/25 Tags
TTAG 10/25 Tags
Power Regulator Yes
Worlds of Wonder Compatibility No
Manual User Manual (PDF)

Grab & Go

Press the shield button to select the mode.

Sound Tags Shields
One Low-Pitched Tone 10 15 sec
Three High-Pitched Beeps 25 30 sec

Grab & Go games have a 15 minute time limit.

Hosted Games

The LTAR supports joining games hosted using a new enhanced hosting protocol in addition to joining games hosted using the standard hosting protocol supported by previous taggers.

To join a hosted game, turn the tagger on and press the reload bar repeatedly to select your desired team. Then, press and hold the reload bar until the dome lights up and your assigned team number (or solo) is announced.

After the game has finished, the dome light will stay off until the tagger has reported your game data to the host. During this time, if you press the trigger, the tagger will announce your team number and the dome light will flash a number of times to indicate your player number.

Once the tagger has reported to the host, the dome light will stay on. Once all of the taggers have reported in, the dome light will indicate your rank or your team's rank.

Dome Light Solo Game Team Game
Flashing You ranked first place Your team ranked first place
Off You did not rank first place Your team did not rank first place
On The tagger is waiting to receive rankings from the host

Firing Mode

Press and hold the reload bar to select the firing mode.

Sound Mode Magazine
"Click-Clicka" Semi-Automatic 10 tags
"Click-Clicka Ch-Ch" Full-Automatic 15 tags


The LTAR can only use Mega-Tags while playing in a hosted game.

Hold the reload lever down and pull the trigger repeatedly to add tags to the Mega-Tag. The first time you pull the trigger must be before the tagger starts reloading. Each time you pull the trigger will add an additional tag to the Mega-Tag. Up to three additional tags can be added for a total of four tags. Once you have the desired number of tags loaded, release the reload lever. The next time you pull the trigger, the Mega-Tag will be fired.

In a game with limited reloads, you must have at least one tag remaining after loading tags into a Mega-Tag to be able to fire the Mega-Tag. It is possible to waste your last three tags this way. This bug only affects the LTAR.

Tags from the Same Team and Player Number

If another tagger has the same team and player number as an LTAR, it will be able to tag the LTAR, even if team tags are disabled. Most hosting methods do not assign the same team and player number to more than one tagger so this usually isn't a problem. Other tagger models ignore tags coming from taggers with the same team and player number as themselves.