Mode Changed Block

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Smart Device Protocol Block
BType 0x19
BData Count 2
Sent By Tagger
  • BData0—Mode and state
    • Bits 4–7—Mode
    • Bits 0–3—State
  • BData1—Flags
    • Bit 7—Unknown
    • Bit 6—Enhanced game
    • Bit 5—Standard game
    • Bit 4—Grab & Go game
    • Bits 0–3—Unknown


Mode State Description
Sleep (0x0)
Wakeup (0x1)
Setup (0x2)
0x2 0x0 Setup
Join LTAR (0x3)
0x3 0x0 Join enhanced game
0x3 0x1 Join enhanced game
0x3 0x2 Join enhanced game
0x3 0x3 Join enhanced game
0x3 0x4 Join enhanced game
0x3 0x5 Join enhanced game finished
0x3 0x6 Join enhanced game failed
Countdown (0x4)
0x4 0x0 Countdown start
0x4 0x1 Countdown start
0x4 0x2 Countdown end
Play (0x5)
0x5 0x0 Play
Tagged Out (0x6)
0x6 0x0 Tagged Out
0x6 0x1 Tagged Out
Game Over (0x7)
0x7 0x0 Game over
Debrief (0x8)
0x8 0x0 Debrief
0x8 0x1 Debrief
0x8 0x2 Debrief
0x8 0x3 Scores received
Join LTTO (0x9)
0x9 0x0 Join standard game
0x9 0x1 Join standard game
0x9 0x2 Join standard game
0x9 0x3 Join standard game
0x9 0x4 Join standard game
0x9 0x5 Join standard game finished