Saw Keys Block

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Smart Device Protocol Block
BType 0x08
BData Count 2
Sent By Tagger

BData0 contains the buttons caused this block to be sent. BData1 contains the current state of all of the buttons. If a button is being held down this block will be resent every 250ms until it is released.

  • BData0—Flags 1
    • Bit 7—Trigger has been pressed
    • Bit 6—Shield has been pressed
    • Bit 5—Reload has been pressed
    • Bit 4—Reload is now being held
    • Bit 3—Trigger has been released
    • Bit 2—Shield has been released
    • Bit 1—Reload has been released
    • Bit 0—Reload is no longer being held
  • BData1—Flags 2
    • Bit 7—Unknown
    • Bit 6—Unknown
    • Bit 5—Unknown
    • Bit 4—A button is being held
    • Bit 3—Trigger is being pressed
    • Bit 2—Shield is being pressed
    • Bit 1—Reload is being pressed
    • Bit 0—Reload is being held