Announce Game Enhanced

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Infrared Protocol Packet
PType 0x81
PData Count 12
Sent By Host

Only the LTAR supports enhanced games.

The Announce Enhanced Game packet is sent by the host at 1.5 second intervals (from start to start) until it receives a Request Join Game Enhanced packet from a joining tagger.

Note that unlike the standard Announce Game packet, the Announce Enhanced Game packet uses binary values, not binary coded decimal.

  • PData0—Game ID
  • PData1—Game length (1–99 minutes, 0xFF for unlimited)
  • PData2—Health (1–99 tags, 0xFF for unlimited)
  • PData3—Reload ammo (0–990 rounds, 0xFFFF for unlimited, least significant byte)
  • PData4—Reload ammo (0–990 rounds, 0xFFFF for unlimited, most significant byte)
    • Note that the reload ammo is the number of rounds, not the number of reloads. A value of 32 results in 3 reloads of 10 rounds and 1 reload of 2 rounds.
  • PData5—Shields (0–99 seconds, 0xFF for unlimited)
  • PData6—Mega-Tags (0–99 tags, 0xFF for unlimited)
  • PData7—Flags 1
    • Bit 7—Neutralize mode
      • 0—Neutralize players when tagged once
      • 1—Neutralize players when tagged 10 times
        • Bit 5 of Flags 2 must be set.
    • Bits 5–6—Reserved
    • Bit 4—Team tags
    • Bit 3—Medic mode
    • Bit 2—Slow tags
    • Bit 1—Hunt the prey
    • Bit 0—Hunt direction
      • 0—Team 1 hunts first
      • 1—Team 2 hunts first
  • PData8—Flags 2
    • Bit 7—Contested zones
    • Bit 6—Zones can be associated with teams
      • "Number of teams" must be greater than 1.
      • If this is set to 0, zones associated with teams will not affect players.
    • Bit 5—Neutralize players for 15 seconds when tagged
    • Bit 4—Supply zones unneutralize players
      • If this is set, players will not be unneutralized automatically after 15 seconds, only by being in a zone.
    • Bit 3—Supply zones refill tags
    • Bit 2—Hostile zones (bits 3 and 4 must not be set)
    • Bits 0–1—Number of teams (1–3 teams)
      • Solo games are considered 1 team. 0 is not valid.
  • PData9—Flags 3
    • Bit 7—Use standard beacons
    • Bit 6—Disable IFF/proximity beacons
    • Bit 5—Disable tag received beacons
    • Bit 4—Shield button mode
      • 0—Toggle
      • 1—Hold
    • Bit 3—Supply zones refill ammo
    • Bit 2—Supply zones refill shields
    • Bit 1—Automatic reload
    • Bit 0—Allow full-automatic firing
  • PData10—Starting ammo (0–99 rounds, 0xFF for unlimited)
  • PData11—Sleep timeout (1–99 minutes, 0 disables timeout)