Tag Master Blaster

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Release Date 2005
Firing Semi-Automatic/Burst/Full-Automatic
Magazine Size 10 Rounds
Shield Toggle
Reload Single-Step Manual
Sights Top
Scope Optional Virtual Scope
Force Feedback Optional Thunder Pack
Dome Lights Yes
Mute Yes
Indoor Mode Reduces Emitter Power
IFF/Proximity/Hit Confirmation Yes
Mega-Tags No
Medic Mode No
Can Host Yes
LTAG 10 Tags
Power Regulator Yes
Worlds of Wonder Compatibility Yes
Manual User Manual (PDF)

Power Off

Press the 2nd F and Cancel buttons at the same time to turn off the power.


Press and hold the 2nd F button for two or more seconds during a game to toggle mute on and off.

Hidden Game Types

The Tag Master Blaster has four hidden game types that it can host. Turn on the tagger and use the INC and DEC buttons to select HOST. Press the 2nd F button three times and then press the OK button. The hidden game types will now be shown in the list.

Name Description
2SRV Survival (2 Teams)
3SRV Survival (3 Teams)
TMHS Tag Master Hide and Seek
TMHP Tag Master Hunt the Prey

See Greg Gaub's site for a detailed description of these game types.

Dome Lights When Tagged Out

The dome lights on the Tag Master Blaster do not light up when the tagger is tagged out. On the other taggers with dome lights, the Phoenix LTX and the LTAR, when the tagger is tagged out, the dome lights light up and stay lit.

Worlds of Wonder Compatibility

Turn on the tagger and use the INC and DEC buttons to select QUIT. Press the 2nd F button five times and then press the OK button.

Use the INC and DEC buttons to select one of the following modes:

Mode Tagger Type Sensor Lighting
SLYT Starlyte Pistol No N/A
SPRO Starlyte Pro Rifle No N/A
SLSN Starlyte Pistol Yes Normal
SPSN Starlyte Pro Rifle Yes Normal
SLSB Starlyte Pistol Yes Bright
SPSB Starlyte Pro Rifle Yes Bright

The bright lighting modes decrease the sensitivity of the receivers so that sunlight doesn't cause problems.

Press the OK button to use the default of six tags before you are tagged out. To choose a different value, instead, hold the 2nd F button and press the OK button. Then, use the INC and DEC buttons to select the desired number of tags and press OK.

While playing, you can press the INC or DEC arrow buttons to toggle between two displays. One shows the mode (SLYT, SPRO, etc.) and how many tags you have remaining. The other shows the elapsed game time.

If you are tagged out, one display shows the elapsed game time and the other shows how long you survived before being tagged out.

Raw Score Display

When the Tag Master Blaster hosts a game, it can show the raw scores for teams and players once the game is over. See Greg Gaub's site for instructions.


The missile is powered by a 0.22F 5V supercapacitor that is charged by the tagger. See this post by Brian Farley on the Lazer Tag Team Ops Players Group for technical information about the missile's charging, arming, and firing process.


With the Tag Master Blaster in a hosted game, if the trigger is pulled within the last one second of the countdown, the tagger will be unable to be debriefed by the host at the end of the game. No indication that this has happened will be shown until the end of the game during the debriefing. At that time, UNDL will be shown on the display. This bug also affects the IRT-2X Drone tagger.

Accessory Kit

The 2 Pack Accessory Kit included haptic feedback and an aim sight to the stock tagger.