Rank Report

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Infrared Protocol Packet
PType 0x32
PData Count 10
Sent By Host
  • PData0—Game ID
  • PData1—Team information
    • Bits 4–7—Team number (one-based)
    • Bits 0–3—Team rank
      • For solo games, this should be 0.
  • PData2—Player 1 rank
  • PData3—Player 2 rank
  • PData4—Player 3 rank
  • PData5—Player 4 rank
  • PData6—Player 5 rank
  • PData7—Player 6 rank
  • PData8—Player 7 rank
  • PData9—Player 8 rank

All ranks are one-based. Lower is better.

After a game, if an LTAR receives this packet with PData1 set to 0xCF (11001111) and PData2 set to its 2:3 Packed team and player number, it will start looking to join a hosted game again and will request to join with the same Tagger ID.