Tag Summary

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Infrared Protocol Packet
PType 0x40
PData Count 8
Sent By Player
  • PData0—Game ID
  • PData1—Team and player number
  • PData2—Total number of tags received (BCD)
  • PData3—Survived time (BCD, minutes)
  • PData4—Survived time (BCD, seconds)
  • PData5—Zone time (BCD, minutes)
  • PData6—Zone time (BCD, seconds)
  • PData7—Flags
    • Bits 4–7—Reserved
    • Bit 3—Will send team 3 tag report
    • Bit 2—Will send team 2 tag report
    • Bit 1—Will send team 1 tag report
    • Bit 0—Reserved