List of Block Types

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BType Name Description Sent By
Class 0 - General (0x00-0x1F)
0x00 ROLL-CALL Roll Call Tagger
0x01 BLASTER-STATUS Blaster Status Tagger
0x01 EXTENDED-STATUS Extended Status Tagger
0x02 Unknown Tagger
0x08 Unknown Tagger
0x09 Unknown Tagger
0x0B COP-GAME Coprocessor Game Tagger
0x0D LCD-GAME LCD Game Tagger
0x1E NO-ACCY No Accessory Tagger
0x1F RESET-ALL Reset All Tagger
Class 1 - TV Game (0x20-0x3F)
0x20 ROLL-REPLY Roll Reply Accessory
0x20 ROLL-SEEN Roll Seen Tagger
Class 2 - Barrel Accessory (0x40-0x5F)
0x40 BARREL-REPLY Barrel Reply Accessory
0x40 BARREL-SEEN Barrel Seen Tagger
0x41 LOAD-SPECIAL Load Special Accessory
0x41 BARREL-ACK Barrel Acknowledge Tagger
0x42 ARM-SPECIAL Arm Special Accessory
0x5F RESET-BARREL Reset Barrel Tagger
Class 3 - Power Up Accessory (0x60-0x7F)
0x60 POWERUP-REPLY Power Up Reply Accessory
Class 4 - Radar Accessory (0x80-0x9F)
0x80 RADAR-REPLY Radar Reply Accessory
Class 5 - Tag Master Accessory (0xA0-0xBF)
0xA0 MASTER-REPLY Master Reply Accessory
Class 6 - Rail Host Accessory (0xC0-0xDF)
0xC0 RHOST-REPLY Rail Host Reply Accessory
0xC0 RHOST-SEEN Rail Host Seen Tagger
0xC3 Unknown Tagger
0xC4 TEAM-DATA Team Data Tagger
0xDF Unknown Tagger
Class 7 - Debug (0xE0-0xFF)
Debug blocks are not implemented on production taggers.