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The Recoil Wifi Game Hub is an Atheros AR9331AL3A based SoC running an OpenWRT implementation "DESIGNATED DRIVER".

It contains an M14D5121632A DDR II SDRAM 8M x 16 Bit x 4 Bank chip for working RAM.

Flash storage is handled by a Winbond W25Q64JV 3V 64M-BIT SERIAL FLASH MEMORY.

There is a 20 pin JTAG header located underneath the MAC barcode sticker.

Nearly all of the SoCs IO pins are brought out to the edges of the board. They could be used for IR emitters or IR receivers or indicators ro , or , or ...



5-Pin header on North end of board the input pin is protected by a resistor divider to GND, you will need to connect Tx, Rx, and GND. 115200,8,N,1

  • 1 - UartIn
  • 2 - UartOut
  • 3 - 3.3v
  • 4 - NC
  • 5 - GND

factory reset

To recover from configuration errors or just to return to a factory state you can connect to the hub by ssh ([email protected]) or by the serial console by using the pinout above and issuing the following commands:

firstboot -y && reboot

Wait one minute and press the power button to power the hub off, press the button again to power on the hub. When the light goes solid it is finished and is now in a factory fresh state. you may then connect a phone to the SSID, run the recoil app and allow it to re-update the hub when it is finished power down the hub.


Use a jumper wire to connect pin6 to any of the 3.3v pins (circled in red) hold it for more than 5 seconds then release. That will issue the command “jffs2reset && reboot &” then give it 60 seconds to finish it cleanup, power it off with the power button, turn it back on and it will then be in the out of the box state, connect a phone to it and trying to start a game will force it to update to the retail release state.


Ethernet (eth0)

The 8 pin header located on the end of the board is eth0. It requires a jack with a magnetic isolation circuit such as a Halo FastJack HFJ11-2450ERL. Datasheet, also requires the 4 smt resistors (49.9ohm) and 2 caps (100nF) located next to the jack header.


Power consumption

136ma with recoil binary running
96ma recoil app disabled

Implementing WDS on Recoil hubs

There is a procedure that can be used to implement WDS (Wireless Distribution System) on stock Recoil Game Hubs (Atheros AR9331 SoC).

Please look at the instructions here Recoil:HubWDS