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  • Press and release button to arm grenade
  • Grenade LED will blink slowly for 4.5 seconds, then more quickly for 3.5 seconds
  • Grenade will "explode" after 8 seconds and sends continuous hits for approximately 30 seconds or until button is pressed, whichever comes first.
  • Grenade can be disarmed during countdown by pressing the button
  • Grenades that are not synced will damage everyone


  • Press and hold the button, with grenade near your gun
  • Release once LED is flashing quickly
  • Recoil will now "know" this grenade and ignore hits from it
  • Grenades must be synced after each use

Syncing Internal Details

  • Recoil telemetry byte 9 is always 0xA7 for grenades.
  • Telemetry byte 8 is split into 2 nibbles, the left nibble is the grenade ID and the right nibble is the grenade message.
  • While the button is held down, the grenade sends a fixed value of 0x0E. The E value for grenade message indicates a new pairing request is being initiated.
  • When the button is released, the grenade sends a random, non-zero ID in the first nibble and the grenade message will be F, for example, 0xAF so the grenade ID will be A.
  • When the grenade explodes, the first nibble will contain the same grenade ID and the grenade message will be 1, continuing the example, the data will be 0xA1.
  • If a player reaches the grenade before the explosion is finished and taps the button, the grenade will transmit a disarm message of D, so our example disarm data would be 0xAD.
  • Unpaired grenades use an grenade ID of 0.
  • If you tap the power button to arm the grenade and then tap the button again before the grenade explodes, the grenade will send the disarm message and be left in an unpaired state.

Note: The grenade sends continuous IR messages. During pairing the grenade will spam the 0x0E message until you release the button. Once the button is released, the grenade will send several messages with the F value. During explosion, the grenade spams it's damage message during the 30 second explosion. If the grenade is disarmed, several disarm messages will be sent, even after the LED turns off.

Since unpaired grenades use ID 0 and, as best we can tell, paired grenades never use an ID of 0, only 15 grenades can be paired at any one time. Games with a large number of grenades may run into grenades choosing the same ID, so best practice would be to pair your grenade just before you are about to use it.