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Release Date 2004
Firing Full-automatic
Magazine Size 10 Rounds
Shield Toggle
Reload Single-Step Manual
Sights Side
Scope Optional Virtual Scope
Force Feedback Optional Thunder Pack
Dome Lights No
Mute Yes
Indoor Mode Reduces Emitter Power
IFF/Proximity/Hit Confirmation Yes
Mega-Tags Yes
Medic Mode Yes
Can Host Yes
LTAG 10 Tags
Power Regulator No
Worlds of Wonder Compatibility No
Manual User Manual (PDF)

Accessory Kit (PDF)

Power Off

Press the 2nd F and Cancel buttons at the same time to turn off the power.

Easter Eggs

Let's Roll

Turn on the tagger and pull the trigger or press the OK button to start a Grab & Go LTAG game. During the last two seconds of the countdown, press the 2nd F button three times. Instead of GOOD LUCK, the display will show LETS ROLL.

According to Greg Gaub's site, this is an homage to the crew and passengers of flight 93 who stopped hijackers from crashing the plane into the United States Capitol building on September 11th, 2001.

Zombie Warriors

Host a game on the Deluxe. Once the debriefing is complete and the players scores are shown, quickly press the 2nd F button five times and then press the OK button. The display will show ~ZW~.

Zombie Warriors was the name of a Delta Force 2 clan that Brian Farley was a member of. ~ZW~ was their clan tag.


On early versions of the Deluxe, any button except the FUNCTION button will turn the tagger on. This can cause the tagger to turn on at unwanted times and waste battery life. Newer versions can only be turned on by pulling the trigger.

Accessory Kit

The 2 Pack Accessory Kit adds a rumble pack and an LED dot sight to the stock tagger.

HUD (Heads Up Display)

The HUD is an accessory originally sold with the Deluxe 1 Player System and the Deluxe 2 Player System. It is not compatible with any other devices in the Lazer Tag line. It consists of a pair of tinted goggles with a color-coded LED status display eyepiece and an earpiece speaker. A strap keeps the main assembly on the head of the player, while the Connector Cable extends to the base of the tagger.


The HUD display includes 3 LED illuminated symbols visible in front of the player through a mirror.

HUD Indicators
Red Player has been hit
Yellow Confirms a tag on another player
Green Player is aiming at another tagger (locked on)


The speaker in the Deluxe tagger can be turned off with a switch on the side of the tagger. When the HUD is in use, this allows for more stealthy play, with all sound effects played directly into the player's ear.

The HUD Brightness switch on the tagger selects the brightness of the LEDs in the HUD display.